The years 2020 and 2021 will never be forgotten, neither by their survivors nor by History. The COVID19 pandemic is a terrible shock in too many senses. 


In the economic and social fields, tourism and hospitality are probably the most affected activities. That is a fact, and we cannot change it. But we must have a better understanding of what we were doing and what we must do in the future, both in the public sector (destination and product management, education, training, etc) and the private sector (businesses). New concepts? New models? New products?

The Congress’s main theme is summarized in its title: “Reinventing tourism for upcoming challenges.” Towards a new beginning in difficult and challenging times. 

A ‘RE’ time.

Our scope will not be limited by the ‘RE’ appeal, but this is clearly our challenge to all delegates.


It is the moment to reinvent. To rethink. To reimagine. To replan. To reengineer. To restructure. To recommunicate. To restart.

Important information: Professionals and students may have special sessions dedicated to their presentations.

The XIII International Tourism Congress admits four forms of participation:

• Oral communication without a paper

• Oral communication with a short paper

• Oral communication with a full paper

• Posters  


Oral communications and posters need the approval of an extended abstract to be considered in the Congress.

Authors of oral communications are also invited to submit originals in the form of short papers or full papers.

The final version of the posters to be presented and published also need to follow some rules.   

The official language of the Congress is English, although oral presentations can also be in Portuguese or Spanish, and sessions will be organised accordingly.